vCube or the answer to 20 years experience in BI

vCube Solutions was born out of the founders 40 + years of combined expertise in Business Intelligence. They noticed how end-users, over and over again, were begging to continue to use Microsoft Excel for BI and how IT’s could not provide adequate support because they could not enforce sound BI governance for the resulting Excel spreadmarts. vCube’s founders finally got back together in 2010, 9 years after having sold their 50 employee BI consulting business, to create vCube Solutions in order to offer business users the flexibility they need, and for IT, a way to efficiently support them.

Our management team

Luc Landreville

Founder & CEO

Co-founder of 2 BI consulting companies (Tech-olap and La Rochelle Groupe Conseil) before founding vCube Solutions, Luc Landreville was also VP in charge of business intelligence practice at CGI. Through these 20 years experience in the field, he has succesfully implemented the largest BI solutions of the market.

Benoit Girard

Founder & CIO

Benoit Girard co-founded two successful companies, Tech-olap and MedCMMS, which were respectively acquired by Cognicase and Zoomed. Throughout his career in the BI field, he advised the largest corporations in Montreal in industries such as Banking, Health Care Providers, Telecommunications, and Pharmaceuticals.

Patricia Bonnel


Patricia Bonnel has more than 20 years experience, 10 in the IT field, in companies such as CGI and Larochelle Groupe Conseil where she coordinated operations and managed important projects for large organisations. Chief Operations Officer for vCube, she is an expert in helping customers taking advantage of their business data.

Patrick Correa

À venir

Patrick Correia has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, sales and business development of B2B solutions, where he was able to successfully demonstrate to his customers how the right technical solution can drive business benefits.