Speed up your business processes

vCube Solutions is revolutionizing the role of business executives in midsize businesses by providing them with the first 100% Excel-based reporting, analysis and planning solution. It uses Excel as a front-end, enabling finance professionals to leverage their existing skills and be proficient at once.

vCube brings powerful BI features and a solid data governance foundation to finally put an end to uncertainties regarding data accuracy. Financial and operational reports always remain connected to their source data, irrespective of their customization.

Thanks to powerful data connectors, vCube Solutions can be connected to major ERP systems within just a few hours.

You’ll find below our complete software suite.

vCube Reporting

Greatly shorten your month-end closing cycles

With vCube Reporting, speed up your month-end and year-end reporting cycles. Take advantage of powerful yet easy-to-use BI features integrated to the Excel sheet.

Create, manage your reports and automatize their generation. Regardless of customization or complexity, they will always stay connected to you source data and can finally be shared with other users in a secure way.


vCube Analysis

Make sound decisions based on verified facts

With vCube Analysis, you can finally analyze your data from different perspectives and dimensions, and explore what’s hidden inside it on a detailed transactional level.

Perform true what if and profitability analysis, break down your data by customer, product or price, and find the root of your business issues to the finest detail. Without asking IT for help for quicker and better decision-making.

vCube Planning

Speed up your budgeting & forecasting processes

With vCube Planning, save a great amount of time in your planning, budgeting and forecasting processes. With powerful yet easy-to-use write-back and allocation functionalities, you can elaborate your plans directly in the Excel sheet.

Modeling scenarios, quickly changing a model, and viewing outcomes becomes child’s play, enabling you to make sound decisions and improve business performance.


vCube Dashboarding

View your KPIs in real time for better decision-making

With vCube Dashboarding, financial executives have the possibility to generate consolidated views of their business data in a way that makes sense for them and for management.

Directly in Excel, on their laptop or any other device, they can access their KPIs in real-time, compare them to historical data or competition, to finally make decisions based on relevant data.

vCube Connection

Connect vCube to your source systems within a few hours

vCube Connection significantly cuts down the development time required to build packaged, full-featured financial business intelligence applications.

Thanks to powerful data connectors, a scalable and evolutive BI solution is implemented within a few hours, reducing dependency on specialized resources. Managers can finally access all their business data directly into Excel, and focus on analysing it for better decision-making.