Greatly shorten your month-end closing cycles

With vCube Reporting, speed up your month-end and year-end reporting cycles. Take advantage of powerful yet easy-to-use BI features integrated to the Excel sheet. Create, manage your reports and automatize their generation. Regardless of customization or complexity, they will always stay connected to you source data and can finally be shared with other users in a secure way.

With the current changing environment, financial executives face increasingly strong requirements when it is time to produce internal and external reports. These reports have the particular feature of being customized in an asymmetric and irregular way in order to address the specific needs of management and regulatory authorities. That is likely the reason why you have always used Excel to generate your reports. Excel is the most powerful modelling tool on the market… and you likely already know it by heart.

Powerful and intuitive report builder

  • Intuitive drag&drop interface integrated to the Excel sheet
  • No programming, no SQL, no formulas
  • Double-click drill-down to access underlying members
  • Multi-dimensions report builder to cross-reference your data
  • Drag&drop your filters to customize your reports

Direct access to your chart of accounts with all dimensions

  • Directly in the Excel sheet for intuitive report creation
  • No need to extract and import data anymore
  • Direct access to all dimensions stored in your ERP
  • Quick update feature to upload accounting entries in real time

Completely integrated to the Excel sheet

  • Compatible with Excel formats and formulas for customized reports
  • Keep permanent connection to your source data
  • Build asymmetric and irregular reports customized to your needs
  • Minimum training since you already know Excel

Solid data governance foundation for a unique version of the truth

  • Traceability of all figures for 100% trust in your output data
  • Customization of your chart of accounts for custom reporting needs
  • Consolidation features through unified chart of accounts
  • Alias management for multilingual reports
  • Define a global and normalized terminology across the organization

Automation of financial reporting cycles

  • Intuitive creation of executive packages
  • Automation functionalities for month-end and year-end reports
  • Save time collecting data and dedicate more efforts to analysis tasks
  • No more manual data extraction and validation

Security and sharing

  • Template saver to share reports across the organisation
  • Share your reports with decision makers in any format
  • No need to have vCube to view reports as they are Excel-based
  • Manage security accesses at any level of your data
  • Connect vCube to Microsoft SSAS for operational reports
  • Adapt views to users needs depending on their function, departments, etc.