Speed up your budgeting & forecasting processes

With vCube Planning, save a great amount of time in your planning, budgeting and forecasting processes. With powerful yet easy-to-use write-back and allocation functionalities, you can elaborate your plans directly in the Excel sheet. Modeling scenarios, quickly changing a model, and viewing outcomes becomes child’s play, enabling you to make sound decisions and improve business performance.

The key to management is anticipation. The budget period is of paramount importance for businesses. It’s a complex process with permanent interaction between operations and finance. It involves both flexibility and rigor, which is difficult to manage when working with spreadmarts. With vCube, you can replace numerous manual files by using instead simple and efficient budgeting functionalities.

Budgeting module completely integrated to the Excel sheet

  • Reuse your expertise for minimal training
  • Reduce your planning cycles by more than 70%
  • Get rid of your complex formula-based allocation worksheets
  • Use regular Excel worksheets for all your inputs and validations
  • Eliminate manual processing and reduce costly human errors

Budgets and rolling forecasts

  • Perform variance and actual vs budgets analysis
  • Filter your forecasts by departments, project, products, etc.
  • Import back your budget data to your ERP system
  • Perform your rolling forecasts easily
  • Deliver detailed and qualitative rolling forecasts more often

Sales and cash-flow forecasting

  • Project your cash-flows and sales revenue
  • Cross reference your scenarios across multiple dimensions
  • Integrate with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Create your drivers and manage your projections accordingly

Powerful scenario manager

  • Manage your scenarios directly in Microsoft Excel
  • Intuitively create, copy and delete your different scenarios
  • Quickly define multiple iterative versions of your budgets and forecasts
  • No need to learn a new complex planning software

One-click write back feature and built-in allocation tool

  • Top-down and bottom-up allocation planning
  • Allocate values with ease in one-click
  • Easily perform allocation in any number of business axis
  • Allocate relatively based on previous year actual/budget or on specific hypothesis
  • Minimize input data entry for minimal manual tasks

Roles & responsibility definition

  • Security manager directly integrated to Microsoft Excel
  • Define security accesses in read and write
  • Manage security on business axis, allocation levels, scenarios and measures
  • Make budget managers more autonomous and efficient

Template sharing and producing tool

  • Define your own input sheets by department, projects, etc.
  • Save your values on the server in one-click from any normal Excel worksheet
  • Never again use emailed Excel files as a way to get your planning numbers
  • Stop manually integrating Excel files to produce your budgets or forecasts