View your KPIs in real time for better decision-making

With vCube Dashboarding, financial executives have the possibility to generate consolidated views of their business data in a way that makes sense for them and for management. Directly in Excel, on their laptop or any other device, they can access their KPIs in real-time, compare them to historical data or competition’s, to finally make decisions based on relevant data.

Today managers want quick answers to their business questions. They need to make informed decisions in order to address ever more frequent business issues. With an increasing amount of data to analyse, viewing consolidated views of business data in a meaningful way becomes the key to competitiveness. Combined to an ever-changing environment, the access to organization’s KPIs in real-time is of paramount importance.

All your relevant data in one place

  • Multiple data source dashboards for global visualization
  • Visualize all your KPIs in one place for instant insights
  • Track your progress through enterprise dashboards
  • Real-time dashboards for quicker decision making
  • Make sound decisions based on data that you trust

Customize your dashboards to your needs

  • Filter your dashboards by product, geographical area, etc.
  • Present data in a customized and understandable way for everyone
  • Generate your dashboards without asking IT for data extractions
  • Create dashboards customized to the needs of each department
  • Create pie charts and bar charts for better comparison of your data

Intuitive and interactive dashboarding functionalities

  • Easy-to-use drag&drop and drill-down features
  • All Excel graphical functionalities available
  • Make your data look nice using integrated micro charts
  • No programming, no SQL, no formulas
  • Filter your data with intelligent slicers

KPI visualization for managing your business

  • KPI vs objectives, actual vs budgets visualization
  • Display your progress over time towards specific goals
  • Determine trends and discover hidden connections inside your data
  • Top ten presentations of customers, products or other attributes
  • Enable users to see their strategic metrics in real time

Security and sharing

  • Template saver to share reports across the organisation
  • Adapt views to users needs depending on their function, departments, etc.
  • Automation functionalities for month-end KPI dashboards
  • Governance wizard integrated into the Excel sheet
  • Work with a unique version of the truth

Access your dashboards on any device with Datazen or Tableau Software

  • Easy integration with Datazen and Tableau Software
  • Customize your interface to see the data that has a meaning for you
  • Visualize your dashboards in real-time or offline
  • Benefit from interactive visualizations
  • Adapts to any screen formats