Connect vCube to your source systems within a few hours

vCube Connection significantly cuts down the development time required to build packaged, full-featured financial business intelligence applications. Thanks to powerful data connectors, a scalable and evolutive BI solution is implemented within a few hours, reducing dependency on specialized resources. Managers can finally access all their business data directly into Excel, and focus on analysing it for better decision-making.

Implementing a BI solution is often expensive and requires specialized expertise that is both difficult to find and retain. This is often the main reason why IT initially leaves BI to business units with their 100% end-users homemade solutions. The impact of these numerous Excel files developed and manually maintained by business users is both harmful and pervasive for the company. Top executives are unable to operate with consistent data and obtain a trustworthy view of enterprise performance. And it is time and money consuming as well-paid finance users chew up countless hours collecting, compiling, and massaging data in spreadsheets to produce their financial reports, leaving them little time to analyze business data.

Built-in connectors for market-standard ERP

  • Connectors available for Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, JD Edwards, Sage, etc.
  • Easy and structured access to your business data directly in the Excel sheet
  • No matter how far you have customized your ERP system
  • No more data extractions for maximum end-user autonomy
  • Requires little to no consulting as design work has already been done

Quick deploying for an immediate ROI

  • Data is extracted, transformed and loaded within a few hours
  • Development times and costs cut by 5
  • No more collecting and compiling data in spreadsheets across the organization
  • Generate your customized reports immediately

Automatic implementation of a comprehensive BI architecture

  • Business layer that protects your source databases and enforces a common access layer to all
  • Provides strong data governance principle and more rigid control over the information flow
  • Relational database which centralizes all business object definitions for a single version of the truth
  • Complete data alias multilingual management

Structuration of your business data

  • Creation of multi-dimensions and multi-hierarchy organization of your data
  • Access dimensions such as accounts, time, scenario, company, etc.
  • Creation of dimensions customized for each client installation
  • Quickly deliver structured BI directly into Microsoft Excel
  • Concentrate on data reporting and analysis

Scalable and evolutive solution

  • Manage operations, sales, marketing with the same software solution
  • Quick and easy deployment on other business applications
  • All your business data is centrally stored in a centralized repository
  • Add data sources overtime depending on evolving needs

Integrated security and data governance foundation

  • Business users do not have access to the source databases and cannot write their own SQL queries
  • Easy assignation of filters to restrict the data available to specific end-users
  • Filters available on vCubes, vTables, and dimensions
  • Layering of data access restrictions in a centralized and efficient way
  • Reduce end-user errors for trustworthy reports and dashboards