Make sound decisions based on verified facts

With vCube Analysis, you can finally analyze your data from different perspectives and dimensions, and explore what’s hidden inside it on a detailed transactional level. Perform true what if and profitability analysis, break down your data by customer, product or price, and find the root of your business issues to the finest detail. Without asking IT for help for quicker and better decision-making.

Gone are the days when financial executives simply had to produce annual and quarterly reports. Today, financial professionals are required to go further than standard reporting in order to analyze the details of a balance sheet, an income statement or other financial reports. They must provide detailed analysis to support management in their decision making, and in optimizing the company’s current and future financial performance.

Powerful what-if and profitability analysis tool

  • Multiple data source integration for complex analysis
  • Easy break down of data by customer, product, cost center, price and various other categories
  • Automation of repetitive analysis tasks
  • Perform other analysis such as variance, risk, cost, or liquidity analysis
  • Easy allocation feature for best and worst case scenario analysis
  • Perform cost allocation across dimensions in relation with drivers

Transaction level data exploration

  • One click drill-down into transaction detail directly from your Excel-based reports
  • Access all raw data stored in your ERP or other source systems
  • Generate your transaction level reports into pivot table or standard Excel sheet
  • Discover trends, correlations and anomalies in your data
  • Find the root of your business issues to the finest detail

Intuitive creation of ad-hoc reports on the fly

  • Drag & drop your data to build your reports
  • Quickly answer to management requests
  • Insert any Excel formats and complex calculations
  • Pivot and drill-down your data to give it a meaning
  • Build your reports without asking IT for data extractions

Powerful data analytics from different perspectives

  • Cross reference your data with the chosen analysis perspective
  • Full access to the factors affecting the company’s financial performance
  • Root-cause identification allowing decision making
  • Slice and dice your data across dimensions

Custom hierarchies and dimensions directly in Excel

  • Create custom hierarchies for specific analytical needs
  • Merge different charts of account for multi-company analysis
  • Create customized categories that make sense for you
  • Share your new hierarchies with other users within the organization

Traceability of your data at all times

  • Governance wizard integrated into the Excel sheet
  • Quickly understand the source of your data
  • Get access to every element definition in your Excel worksheet
  • Trace the calculations, transformations and filters that have been applied to your figures
  • Make sound decisions based on data that you trust